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Ok... Where do I start? Well, I'm quite a confusing guy. to sum it up I like: Rap, Freestyling, Running (go figure), Drawing, starwars(nah I'm not a nerd, and if u think that u don't know me), poetry, and chillin' wit' my friends...

The History or Story Behind My Site
Well, like I said this site iz just so poeplez can get to know me better.

The other peeps I'd like to talk about are my friends. I have to start wit' my best friend *Lara* (shez helped me get where I am today), My Homies: Monica, Claudia, Holly, jessica, Liz, Monika, Vanessa, & A.G.E.(that's a lot of girlz)Berto, Big Mike, Aaron, Shrek, Gus (Oy), Orlando(yeah punk), Alex C.(ICP sucks), and all the other stoners I call friends, special ups to tha homies @ swivel point, If u think you're my friend and you're not on this list tell me, aight?

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Herez my E-mail (again)

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